Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Twitter Advertising Hack for B2B Lead Generation

Twitter has been a good social network for engaging your community, but for many B2B marketers, it has not provided quality leads and therefore has generated weak lead qualification rate. But if right twitter ad product is chosen, then Twitter can generate better quality leads. Here’s how:

Stage 1:
Many of you would be attracted towards using “Leads on Twitter” or the twitter card for lead generation, but I’d recommend using “Website clicks or conversions”.

The key difference to note here is – With twitter card, the viewers of your tweet can send you their email at the click of a button.

But, with website clicks or conversions, any visitor who clicks on your tweet, will straight away go to your landing page where you can collect the information in a structured way. When the visitors land on your page, you get a chance to engage them and when they leave their credentials, odds are higher that these leads will qualify better. Here's how to proceed:

1. From the campaign dashboard, select the “Website conversions” as the objective of your new campaign.
2. Within one objective, build two different campaigns with different “Audience Features” in order to target your potential visitors more efficiently and to understand which type of targeting feature is getting better results.

Build two campaigns by setting up following specific targeting parameters:
  • Keyword targeting (+Add Keywords)
  • @username targeting (+Add Followers)
In the first option you can promote your tweet based on searches or users who tweet with words you enter. These will be the words (keywords) that you think your prospects might use to look for your product or service.

Targeting with @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts (@usernames). You can enter your competitor’s @username here to start with. For example, if you are into providing software advice to companies, then enter @Better_Buys, @ERPCloudBlog, @Capterra, & @Cloudswave1. These are a few twitter accounts which talk about helping businesses find the right software. This will help you to target people who are interested in receiving advice for making a well-informed software purchase.

3. Once you set up your targeting, you can choose your creatives and compose a tweet. You must provide the landing page where you want your visitors to convert. Here's how your twitter ad will look once ready:

Click on the image for larger view. This image is only for illustration purpose here in this blog.

You can now launch your campaign and track it in twitter analytics. You should also set up the online conversion tracking for your campaign by generating a new HTML code snippet from twitter dashboard.

Stage 2:
With the above approach, you can generate a lot of quality traffic, which will have a direct impact on your top line. In stage 2, you can use the email ids collected from Stage 1 campaigns and retarget these specific visitors who are active on Twitter in a separate campaign. You now have a lead nurturing campaign on Twitter!

Go to "+Add tailored audiences" when you are setting up the audience for your lead nurturing campaign. When you set up the tailored audience with email ids, your records are matched with people who are active on Twitter so that you can target them in your campaigns. The important point to keep in mind for this campaign is that your lead nurturing campaign here should have promoted tweets around some of your educational content that highlights true benefits to your prospects.

What do you think about Twitter as a lead generating network?