Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Infographic]: SaaS Capabilities Meet Expectations

This post was first written and published by me for BootStrapToday.

TechRepublic’s informal online survey in February reveals that an overwhelming 91% of companies (n=105) implementing SaaS solutions are mighty pleased with their outcomes.
This survey also reveals that cloud computing will continue to grow at a healthy pace, and Gartner’s prediction supports the healthy growth of cloud. It says that by 2015, worldwide SaaS revenue is expected to reach $22.1 billion dollars.
The survey points out that mobile access is one of the reasons for companies to move to cloud. Microsoft Windows mobile operating system stands out as the ‘most wanted’ from the SaaS vendors, as this infographic shows.
Interestingly, the respondents of TechRepublic’s survey also pointed out several characteristics that they wanted in a SaaS provider, and ‘performance’ topped that list. To get the holistic picture of SaaS, it is also important to note here that the benefits of SaaS (as suggested by Forrester analyst Stephen Mann) are mostly universal.

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